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COMMITMENT TO ADOPT (“CTA”) 1. My Commitment. I am committed to adopting a horse (a “horse”) from Horse Plus Humane Society (the “Organization”). To demonstrate my commitment to adopting a horse, I have made a nonrefundable deposit of $150.00 (the “Deposit”) that will be applied toward the adoption fee of a horse that I may adopt from the Organization within the twelve-month period following my signing this CTA. I understand and acknowledge that: ~ If I DO adopt a horse within the next twelve-month period, the Deposit will be applied to the applicable adoption fee, and ~ If I DO NOT adopt a horse within the next twelve-month period, I will forfeit the Deposit, and the Deposit will not be refunded. 2. Pre-Approval; Organizational Discretion. a. The Organization hereby represents that it has reviewed your adoption application or has otherwise made the determination that you are an appropriate adopter for a horse, subject to finding a horse that is an appropriate match. You agree to notify the Organization in the event of any change of circumstance that would affect your ability to care for a horse (e.g. no longer have the ability to humanely house a horse). ______ (Organization to Initial if Applicable) You are not currently eligible to adopt a horse because of the reason described below, but once rectified to our satisfaction, and assuming there are no material changes from the time that this CTA was executed, Organization believes that you will be a suitable adopter. b. I understand and acknowledge that payment of the Deposit does not guarantee that the Organization will permit me to adopt a horse, and the Organization reserves the right to determine the suitability of an adoption for any reason, despite the payment of the Deposit. 3. Contact Information. a. I represent that the contact information provided above is correct. b. I hereby permit the Organization to provide the contact information provided above to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (the “ASPCA”), and I acknowledge and agree that the ASPCA may follow up with me regarding this CTA, either directly with me or through the Organization. 4. Gelding. I acknowledge that the Organization will geld all male horses, and I agree that any male horse that I may adopt will be gelded prior to adoption. 5. Right to Enter Into CTA. I hereby represent that I have the right to enter into this CTA. I represent that I am of legal age and that I have read this CTA carefully prior to its execution and fully understand its contents. 6. Enforceable Legal Document. I am aware that this is an enforceable legal document between me and the Organization, and I sign of my own free will.

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