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The following accessibility checklist is provided to assist individuals who volunteer to preform surveys on entities such as parks, rest area and camping sites. Purpose of this Checklist will help you identify accessibility problems and solutions in existing facilities in order to provide all visitors optimum experiences through individual choice. However, the program information contained in this document is not, and should not be construed as, a legal standard. The document was developed as a resource only and is not intended to impose additional requirements on entities.

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Surveyor Email Address
Site Name
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Site Information

Alabama State Rest Area List
Interstate I-65 AL Rest Areas
Interstate I-59 AL Rest Areas
US Route 82,231,331,431 AL Rest Area
South/North Bound
Alabama State Park

Area A - Optional Information

Do you have a Disability?
Did you acquire your disability before the age of 16?
What type of disability?


Accessible spaces ratio

1 to 25 spaces, 1 accessible spaces 26 to 50 spaces, 2 accessible spaces 51 to 75 spaces, 3 accessible spaces 76 to 100 spaces, 4 accessible spaces

Are there accessible parking spaces reserved?
Are accessible spaces marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility?
Is the accessible space identified with a permanently installed sign which includes the international symbol of access?
Are the accessible parking spaces located closest to the accessible route and accessible building entrance?
Photo of the Parking Area
Comments/Possible Action

Area C Exterior Accessible Route

Does the accessible route provide a clean and unobstructed path?
Does at least one accessible route connect accessible buildings, accessible elements and spaces located at the same site?
Are there any object protruding into the accessible route, can it be detected by a person with a visual disability using a cane
Do curbs on the accessible route have curb cuts or curb ramp?
Is the surface firm, stable, and slip resistant with no cracks
Are there any accessible Shelter/Picnic tables Availible
Comments/Possible Action

Area D - Entrance/Exterior Doors

Is a public entrance to the building accessible?
Is the accessible space identified with a permanently installed sign which includes the international symbol of access?
Can doors be opened without too much force?
Comments/Possible Action

Area E - Interior Accessible

Are there signs that give directions to accessible bathrooms?
Are toileting (Bathroom/Sink) facilities available to the public?
Are toileting (Bathroom/Sink) facilities accessible?
Comments/Possible Action

Area F State Parks (ONLY)


These questions should only be answered when surveying an Alabama State Park.

Are there any accessible camping facility for outdoor recreational purposes that contains camping units?
Are there any camping unit outdoor space in a camping facility that contains outdoor constructed features, RV parking spaces, tent pads or tent platforms, or camp shelters?
Are there any Outdoor space developed for viewing a landscape or point of interest?
Are there accessible pedestrian trails developed primarily for outdoor recreational purposes?
Are there signs provided with information about the length of the trail or trail segment, surface type, tread width (typical/minimum), running and cross slope (typical/maximum)?
Is there an accessible route to the entrance of the boating facility?
Is there an accessible route to the fishing area?
Is there an accessible route to the entrance of the fishing pier or platform?

Emergency Egress

Do all alarms both flashing lights and audible signals?
At minimum, are visual signal appliances provided in buildings and facilities in each of the following areas: restrooms and any other general usage areas (e.g., meeting rooms), hallways, lobbies, and any other area for common use?



I acknowledge that the above information is complete and accurate.

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